My new journey

My new journey: sharing my creative life with you

Hey there! Thank you for being here, for reading and for joining me on this new journey. Writing a blog has always been part of my creative wishes but i always think “Who’s gonna read it? Who’s gonna be interested in what I have to say?” But you know what? This year, I’m going to put my creative fears away and give it a try. I think I have a lot of good ideas and things to share with you and your family and I really hope you enjoy it. 

 My family and I are currently living in Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s a temporary thing and we’re not sure when we’ll head back to the US. For now, we’re really happy here and this blog will continue to inspire you to live a more creative life, however, this time will be while living abroad. 

Leave any questions or comments below if there’s something special you would like to learn about. I’ll be sharing how to build creative spaces anywhere you go, how simple supplies and items can be the most creative ever and how to immerse yourself in a new culture and lifestyle in a creative way.

I visited Oaxaca for the first time many years ago on a trip my parents planned with my sister and me. I have beautiful memories from that vacation, but I was younger, had different interests and much of the trip was defined by a tourist agency and my parents. And although we saw much of the culture and tasted much of the amazing Oaxacan cuisine, we didn’t do much of the excursions and walking that I’ve been doing this time around. 

The second visit to Oaxaca was last November 2020. Yes! During this crazy pandemic. We took all the recommended precautions, followed traveling regulations as well as adhered to the Oaxacan COVID-19 protocol. We spent 5 weeks in Oaxaca, in a small town outside the city called Santa Maria del Tule. We visited Oaxaca City (the capital) every weekend.

This third visit, we decided it would be best to stay in the city. My schedule is flexible and work is really not an issue at the moment because I’m just now starting this new platform instead of teaching in person or delivering art kits, so having access to more of the city and activities was a better option for me and the girls while my husband who has the more “normal” schedule took care of work. So we rented a house in a beautiful neighborhood called “Jalatlaco” (ha-la-tla-co). This town is magic! Cobblestone streets, colorful residential area, art everywhere, murals, coffee shops, restaurants and most importantly, a small town feeling in a large city. We’re only a 10 minute walk from centro, so the neighborhood is slow enough to live a calm life but close enough to the main city area where there’s more movement. Street vendors, more food, music, etc. 

Our girls, M and B are 7 and 4 years old and I cannot tell you how exciting it was for them to experience the small town life. San Diego, our hometown is big, you need a car to go everywhere, with the pandemic, everything takes forever and when we came to Oaxaca, we rented a house across the street from the neighborhood’s market. Market “mercado” in Oaxaca and most of Mexico, is not like any supermarket or any grocery store in the States. To give you a better idea, it’s like a farmer’s market inside an open air establishment. Different booths for each of your delicious needs: cheese, meats, charcuterie, produce, bakery, fresh juices, spices and more. The first times we were there, we would all go together. A couple weeks later, the girls would go by themselves with us standing on the sidewalk waiting for them. By the end of our stay, they were going by themselves. Now, don’t freak out or judge us, we’re talking about a very small town. We could see them from the street. All the merchants knew them by then and everyone kept an eye out for them. The confidence and independence that each one of them acquired was absolutely priceless. Not to mention how familiar they became with Mexican currency (pesos), doing the math and learning about how quickly money goes when it’s poorly spent. 

All museums are closed due to the pandemic and most touristic attractions are closed too. Some locals say that the city is operating at about a 10% of the city’s potential but to be honest, you don’t need much. Of course it’s hard for the local businesses that there isn’t enough tourist movement, but as a visitor/almost local, it’s absolutely wonderful because you don’t need to worry about much exposure, crowds, and most importantly, Oaxaca city is like an outdoor museum. There is so much art on the street, even the trash cans have art on them. There’s sculpture, urban art, color, smells, sounds, it’s like a positive sensory overload. 

Hop aboard this adventure with me and let me show you Oaxaca through this blog. 

Creatively yours, 

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  1. Felicidades!!! 👏👏👏
    Excelente tu descripción del hermoso Oaxaca
    Suerte y que pronto tengas montones y montones de seguidores en esta tu nueva aventura 💓💓💓💓💓👏👏👏

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